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Saturday, December 9, 2023

GE Hitachi to build a billion-dollar nuclear power plant in Ontario

Key takeaways:

1- GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, an North Carolina energy company, will build Canada’s next nuclear power plant in Darlington. Toronto on the shore of Lake Ontario.

2- The new generator will be a small modular reactor (SMR), which was recently invented and is viewed as the industry’s future.

3- SMRs are more diminutive, inexpensive to build, and safer than old-style reactors.

The reactor that GE Hitachi will build in Darlington for Ontario power generation (OPG), the territory energy-producing crown corporation, will be the first of its kind in Canada.

OPG already operates a nuclear power plant in Darlington; while it owns two more nuclear-power-generating stations, it leases its operations to Bruce power, a private company in Ontario.

Most energy generated in Ontario is nuclear, and OPG’s nuclear facilities produce about 30% of all electricity in the territory.

OPG and GE Hitachi will work together to engineer, design, plan, license, and get a new SMR, OPG said Thursday in a news release. The Crown Corporation is planning to start next spring and finish until 2028.

Building and managing 1 SMR for 60 years would produce about 2,500 jobs, increase provincial revenues. The think tank also says energy generated by one SMR can power 300,000 homes.

Ontario produces 160 megatonnes of carbon release per year. The Government’s goal is to diminish that to 143 megatonnes by 2030.

The energy produced by OPG is mostly from non-emitting sources like nuclear reactors and hydroelectric dams. In a plan to lighten climate change released in November 2020, OPG promises to throw out net-zero greenhouse gases by 2040.

“We know that is nuclear is key, proven,zero-emissions-base-load energy that will help us achieve net-zero as a company by 2040, and act as a motivation,economy-wide decarbonization by 2050. The civil Government decided to make Canada a world leader in SMR production.All suggestionsGive yourself a pat on the back!

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