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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Matthew Rodriguez is Living his Childhood Dream of becoming a YouTuber

Inspired by seasoned individuals from the digital world, he equipped himself to be the best, which shows in his work today.

Gaining enormous success in present day competitive industries is tough, not unachievable though, and that has been proved by Matthew Rodriguez, better known as Tap Water, who comes across as a YouTuber who has gained himself a strong foothold, giving some spectacular stuff that has impressed all. The journey started quite young, when he was just 13 trying his hands in creating interesting videos and uploading them on YouTube. FaZe clan and RiceGum

inspired him a bit, which pushed him into this zone. Starting off with no subscribers to almost 100,000 within six months was a task well accomplished, and getting positive responses boosted his confidence to such levels that he left school to chase his dreams, and he’s glad his decision was bang on target as he’s one of the biggest names on social media today.

Creating engaging videos comes in a day’s work, and he takes a day to finish off with one. Matthew says, “back in time there was no team, no support system and all the work had to be single-handedly done by me, but not today as there’s an efficient team to handle the daily affairs like idea generation, creating thumbnails and titles, recording, editing, and then finally uploading the video on the channel.” The target audience fall in the 8-14 age group, especially the majority of them comprising of male audiences, informs the YouTuber, with a major chunk hailing from the United States, followed by Philippines and Canada. There’s much more in store from this effective social media personality, as he’s been working on launching his own merchandise line with high quality plushies. Next in line comes roblox games, which will enable viewers to play with him, apart from playing his own videos. His Target audience are those interested in gaming content and those who enjoy a round of roblox.

The outstanding YouTuber has over 250 videos to his credit, with his favorite being the one where he breaks into a god tribe base and steals their loot. The other special one is the one in which he finds a streamer getting to his nerves, resulting in him snapping connections with him, only to become bum Chums later and create videos together. The duo have become popular as audiences like to see their chemistry as friends on screen. Talking about the game of creating engaging videos, he informs that it’s not all about playing as pressing a magic button doesn’t give results as there’s a lot that goes into its making and sometimes burns out creators, the reason they stop posting content for a brief period.

Matthew aka Tapwater has collaborated with a host of celebrities like TanqR, Rektway, Rainway and ProjectSupreme. “Some names like Mr. Beast and Flamingo have motivated me to go that extra mile, and ZacharyZaxor has also personally helped me during the course of my journey as a YouTuber, and I consider him as my mentor,” ends the popular figure.

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