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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Regina King’s only son, Ian Alexander Jr., passes away at the age of 26

Regina King's only child, Ian Alexander Jr., dies at the age of 26

Key Takeaways:

  • Regina King’s only child, Ian Alexander Jr., died. He was an award-winning actor and director. His birthday was on Wednesday, and he was 26 years old.
  • On Instagram a week ago, King shared a clip of her son’s new song, “Green Eyes,” encouraging her followers to listen to it.

Ian Alexander Jr., award-winning actor and director Regina King’s only child died. On Wednesday, he celebrated his 26th birthday.

“The loss of Ian has destroyed our family to the core,” a King spokesman said in a statement released Saturday. “He was such a bright light who genuinely cared about other people’s happiness. During this private time, our family respectfully requests your consideration.”

The death was confirmed as a suicide by the spokesman. There were no further details provided.

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Alexander was shared by the director of “One Night in Miami” and her ex-husband, record producer Ian Alexander Sr… After ten years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2007. Alexander, Jr. was a DJ who frequently accompanied King to red carpet events.

“She’s just a super mom,” he told E! News at the 2019 Golden Globes. She doesn’t let poor workdays or whatever else ruin the moment we have together. It’s great to have a mother with whom I can enjoy spending time.”

The two had matching Aramaic tattoos that read “unconditional love.”

In 2017, King said on The View, “We were taking Kabbalah classes.” “He said, let’s each pick three designs and not tell each other which ones they are, and whichever one matches, that’s the one we’ll get tattooed – and we both chose unconditional love,” she says.

“To be able to see you take this lifetime by the neck and make it yours is something I (sic) will forever be grateful for,” Alexander wrote on Instagram for his mother’s 50th birthday last year. But having you as my mother is the most precious gift I could receive.”

Regina King's only child, Ian Alexander Jr., dies at the age of 26
Regina King’s only child, Ian Alexander Jr., dies at the age of 26. Image from Scary Mommy

King shared a clip of her son’s new song, “Green Eyes,” on Instagram a week ago, encouraging her followers to listen to it. She once called her son “an amazing young man” and spoke of the love among mother and child in an interview with People.

“You have no concept of unconditional love.” “You can say you do, but unless you have a child, you have no idea what that is,” the Oscar, Golden Globe, and four-time Emmy winner said. “It’s the most fulfilling (thing) ever when you experience it.”

The news of Alexander’s death quickly spread on social media.

“My heartfelt condolences as well as prayers for ReginaKing’s strength. Returning to her all of the warmth, light, and also support she has shown me and so many others,” The Naacp Legal Defense Fund’s president and director-counsel, Sherrilyn Ifill, shared on Twitter.

King, who has appeared in films such as “If Beale Street Could Talk,” “The Harder They Fall,” and others, has won two NAACP Image Awards.

“Praying for Regina King,” Bernice King, the CEO of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Change as well as the civil rights icon’s daughter, wrote on Twitter. She’s in desperate need of all the grace and light she can get right now.”

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