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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Ontario’s health minister claims the province can manage the sixth wave

According to the health minister, Ontario is prepared for the sixth wave.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hospitalizations in Ontario have increased by nearly 40% in the last week, prompting the province’s health minister to warn residents to “stay calm.”
  • According to statistics from Ontario’s COVID-19 Science Table, COVID-19 illnesses have grown across the province.
  • On March 9, Dr. Kieran Moore presented his final COVID-19 update, ending a long-running pandemic tradition.

Hospitalizations in Ontario have risen nearly 40% in seven days, prompting the province’s health minister to advise residents to “remain calm.”

On Tuesday, Christine Elliott remarked at Queen’s Park, “We all need to keep calm.” “In Ontario, we have the resources we need to deal with this, both in terms of antivirals and vaccinating people.”

To deal with the sixth wave, Elliott said Ontario had the capacity “both in the medical-surgical wards of our hospitals, as well as in the intensive care unit.”

COVID-19 infections have increased across the province, according to data from Ontario’s COVID-19 Science Table. The disease’s concentration in wastewaters has begun to rise in practically every region of Ontario.

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“Ontario is in a very good situation,” Elliott insisted, “and we will be able to get through.”

Meanwhile, Elliott addressed health experts’ as well as opposition parties’ worries about the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s recent absence of public appearance during the sixth wave.

On Tuesday, NDP Deputy Leader Dr. Sara Singh declared, “We need leadership.”

Dr. Kieran Moore gave his final COVID-19 update on March 9, bringing an end to a long-running pandemic tradition.

According to the health minister, Ontario is prepared for the sixth wave.
According to the health minister, Ontario is prepared for the sixth wave. Image from CTV News

“Dr. Moore made that decision,” Elliott said on Tuesday.

COVID-19 hospitalizations had been slowly falling for weeks across the province. Although COVID-19 hospitalizations rose to 1,091 on Tuesday, Elliott said Moore has no plans to continue public-facing interviews or updates.

“If Dr. Moore believes it is necessary at some point in the future to conduct regular interviews or appear in person to answer questions, he will do so. But, as he has previously stated, we must learn to live with COVID. It’s arrived at that moment.”

Source: CTV news

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