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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

When should you get your fourth dose in Ontario?

When Should You Get Your Fourth Dose in Ontario?

Key Takeaways:

  • Booster doses of COVID-19 are still suggested by Ontario doctors, albeit the time varies based on whether or not an individual has already been infected with the virus.

COVID-19 booster doses are still recommended by Ontario medical professionals, although the timing varies depending on whether or not a person has already been infected with the virus.

Since December 2021, the province has begun providing fourth dosages, also known as second boosters. People aged 60 and up, as well as those with impaired immune systems, are currently eligible for a fourth dosage of the COVID-19 vaccination.

“All of our immunizations normally come in three or fours,” Dr. Dawn Bowdish, a professor at McMaster University and the Canada Research Chair in Aging and Immunity, told CTV News Toronto on Monday.

“Three to four treatments is what it takes to consolidate immunological memory – this isn’t that rare,” she said.

Vaccines must be kept up to date, according to Bowdish.

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Bowdish advises persons who have recently been infected with COVID-19 to wait three months before getting another shot because antibodies are still circulating in the body.

She advised that those who have escaped disease should get it as soon as possible because Ontario is still in the midst of an Omicron wave.

When it’s been four months since your last shot, you’re more likely to have an infection.

“Older folks and people who are immunocompromised lose that protection a little faster,” Bowdish explained, “so they are the ones we want first in line to get those doses.”

She stated that getting the booster now will protect against infection now and that having a less symptomatic infection will also prevent lengthy COVID or other complications that may arise as a result of the sickness.

When Should You Get Your Fourth Dose in Ontario?
When Should You Get Your Fourth Dose in Ontario? Image from CBC News


The Ontario government does not suggest that children aged five to eleven receive a booster dosage at this time.

Currently, the province recommends that booster doses be given to children aged 12 and up six months after their last dose and to youth aged 18 and up three months after their previous dose.

Dr. Dina Kulik, a physician and CEO of Kidcrew told CTV News Toronto that children who have previously been infected with COVID-19 should wait the same three months [post-infection] to obtain their booster. Otherwise, she advises that you keep to the schedule.

“We want youngsters to get their boosters and adults to get their boosters if they haven’t already,” she said.

Eligible individuals can schedule a fourth dose appointment through the provincial vaccination portal by calling the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900, through public health units that use their booking systems, at Indigenous-led vaccination clinics, or participating pharmacies.

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