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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

As per the Premier of Ontario, there will be a tax on unvaccinated

According to the Premier of Ontario, there will be a tax on unvaccinated

Key takeaways:

  • One to three thousand Ontarians are still receiving their first doses every day, according to the premier, which he described as “very encouraging.”
  • Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced on Tuesday that unvaccinated Quebecers who do not have a valid medical exemption would be charged a fee.

After Quebec declared plans to enforce a “health contribution” tax on those who haven’t got a shot, Ontario Premier Doug Ford stated Wednesday that the province would not tax those not vaccinated against COVID-19.

Ford was questioned whether Ontario should regard something similar to Quebec while touring a mass vaccination health center at the Toronto Zoo.

“We’re going in a different direction. That’s not something we’re going to do. We will take a separate approach, but I implore, ask, and beg everyone who isn’t vaccinated to protect themselves, their families, and coworkers. Ford advised, “Please get your vaccination.”

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According to the premier, one to three thousand Ontarians are still receiving their 1st doses every day, which he described as “very encouraging.”

Ford’s remarks come after Ontario’s top doctor said on Wednesday that he would not recommend a tax on people who haven’t been vaccinated against COVID-19 and that Quebec’s plan appears “punitive.”

Dr. Kieran Moore was asked about Quebec’s planned tax on the unvaccinated when in an unrelated media briefing on Wednesday and whether Ontario should take a similar measure into account.

“Throughout this pandemic, we have never made that suggestion to the government,” Moore stated.

“It’s not something we’d put forward.” It does appear punitive to me. We have always supported adults making informed vaccination decisions and have worked to increase vaccine availability and accessibility.”

According to Ontario's premier, there will be a tax on unimmunized
According to Ontario’s premier, there will be a tax on unimmunized. Image from Global News

According to Moore, vaccines have only been required in the “highest risk” settings, such as long-term care.

Moore explained, “The rising death rate, the enhanced risk of severe outcomes had to be balanced by maximizing immunization and protection of those individuals.”

“This government has gone no further in terms of mandating vaccination, and imposing a penalty on those who have not been vaccinated has not been considered.”

On Tuesday, Quebec Premier Francois Legault declared that unvaccinated Quebecers without a valid medical exemption would face a tax.

According to Legault, only 10% of Quebec’s population is unvaccinated, but they account for 50% of patients in intensive care units.

“All adults who refuse to be vaccinated will be charged a health contribution.” “We’ve arrived,” Legault said.

“I believe it is natural for the majority of the population to demand that there be repercussions.”

Source: CBC News

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