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Saturday, December 9, 2023

A funeral was conducted for an international student who was killed near the Toronto subway

A funeral was held for an international student who was killed at a subway 

Key Takeaways:

  • Kartik Vasudev is known for being a member of a group of students who went to Canada to pursue a better life.
  • Many others who did not know Vasudev attended the burial because they felt compelled to relocate to Canada because of their feelings for him.

Kartik Vasudev is noted as part of a group of students who traveled to Canada searching for a better life.

Nidhi Vaid recognized him from her own India. They had both moved to Canada for the same reasons and shared home.

She last saw the 21-year-old the day before he died, and she’s struggling to cope with his death.

“It’s difficult to live in the same house as him and not have him around. And we’re only speculating on what’s going on with his family. They have been saddened. “On Wednesday, she spoke with CTV News Toronto.

Vasudev arrived in Canada in January to attend Seneca College to study Marketing.

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A few dozen international students attended the service held at Lotus Funeral Home on Wednesday.

“He was a student who was interested in photography,” says Seneca College student federation president Ritik Sharma about Vasudev.

He said, “He was full of, you know, recording the memories.”

Many others who didn’t know Vasudev came to the funeral because they felt connected to him and decided to immigrate to Canada.

Muhammad Salman is a Centennial College student. “, he explained. “He is my brother because he is from India. I didn’t know him, but I pity him for having to go so soon.”

“We live across the globe from our family, and every day we live without seeing them,” Gavin Lobo, a recent graduate, said.

A funeral was held for an international student who was killed at a subway 
A funeral was held for an international student who was killed at a subway. Image from iHeartRadio

Vasudev was shot and died outside the Sherbourne subway station last Thursday. He was on his way to a job that he had only begun two weeks before. He had never been to the station before, according to his friends.

On Sunday, Richard Johnathan Edward, 39, was detained by Toronto police and made his first court appearance today. Edward faces two counts of first-degree murder: one for Vasudev and the other for Elijah Elezar Mahepath, who was fatally shot near George and Dundas on Saturday.

The killings are thought to be random, according to police. Those who knew Vasudev are still trying to figure out what happened.

“He was completely innocent, and then someone came up and shot him,” Nidhi Vaid said.

Vasudev’s family was able to watch the service live online. His body will be airlifted back to India on Friday.

Source: CTV news

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