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Saturday, December 9, 2023

As the US implements new testing standards, travelers in Ontario scurry

As the U.s implements new testing rules, travelers in Ontario rush

Key takeaways:

  • Because new laws went into effect at midnight, passengers flying into the United States from Ontario rushed to complete a COVID-19 test one day before their journey.

Passengers traveling into the United States from Ontario hurried to finish a COVID-19 test one day before their flight because new rules occurred at midnight.

In light of the novel Omicron version, the new rule requires Canadians and other foreign tourists flying to the United States to have a COVID-19 test no later than one day before their departure.

Steve Rasic, a visiting American family in Toronto before flying back to Chicago on Monday, told CTV News Toronto that his own government’s new testing requirements did not impress him.

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“To be honest with you, I’m not a fan. He explained, “I had to accomplish so much to get here; I mean, it is what it is at this point.”

Leigh Gowland, who was going to Florida on Monday, said she and her partner paid $40 for the requisite test and result at a local medicine store.

“We had plenty of time; we had to leave at 12 p.m. yesterday.” “We’re flying at 12 p.m. today,” Gowland remarked.

Cathy Gowland, her wife, is concerned about seniors trying to balance all obligations.

“Yesterday was a little difficult in terms of submitting documents and ensuring that they were confirmed on their end. It took a bit for us to figure it out. It was fine for us, but it would have been more challenging if you were a little older, “she stated

People must take these adjustments one at a time, she said, and be ready for new changes at any time.

“You must be adaptable and patient, without a doubt,” says the author “; she stated

Peter, who did not want his last name made public, claims that his family had to rush to get tested the day before.

“That was a minor stumbling block… It was a bit of a challenge to finish it in time before our flight today. Aside from that, everything was fine, “he stated

He told CTV News Toronto on his way to Tampa, Florida, that no one thought to ask for the COVID test results during check-in.

“They didn’t ask for it here, which surprised me, but I’m convinced the US customs officer will… Otherwise, it’ll be a waste of $40,” he explained.

As the U.s implements new testing rules, travelers in Ontario rush
As the U.s implements new testing rules, travelers in Ontario rush. Image from CTV News

For international travelers traveling into Canada, there are additional modifications in force.

According to a Canadian government website, “all air travelers entering Canada from any country other than the US must take a COVID-19 test at the airport they land at, regardless of their vaccination status.”

According to Martin Firestone of Travel Secure Inc., this is a recipe for disaster.

“As we move nearer to the holiday season, this is going to get crazy,” he predicted. “I can’t image how long people could be waiting on planes or in airport assembly rooms before being permitted to go.”

For the point being, they are just testing at Toronto Pearson Airport randomly.

“Not all passengers are being tested at this time since the government needs more time to put the infrastructure in place,” the GTAA told CTV News Toronto in a statement.

The Canadian Airports Council’s Robert Gooch believes that every passenger arriving in Toronto cannot be tested on the spot.

“We’ve determined that 100% of testing cannot be done at the airport; it’s not possible.” Take-home tests will have to be included.”

Source: CTV News

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