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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The TTC is changing how it advises passengers on subway lines

The TTC is revamping the way it directs commuters on subway lines

Key Takeaways:

  • The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is updating its signs to direct passengers on its subway system.
  • Green stated that as part of the Vaughan Line 1 extension, the changes were initiated in 2017. All lines will eventually get updated signs over time.
  • Another person pointed out how the changes can deceive visitors. When traveling, “Vaughan means nothing.”

The signage used by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to guide travelers on its subway system is being updated.

Signs will go no longer state “northbound” or “southbound,” but their endpoint stations. On Line 1, “northbound” will now refer to “Vaughan,” and “southbound” will refer to “Finch.”

In an interview with CTV News Toronto on Friday, TTC spokesman Stuart Green stated, “It’s essentially to get us into compliance with national standards.” “This is how subway systems work throughout the world.”

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Green claimed that the modifications were started in 2017 as part of the Vaughan Line 1 extension. Over time, all lines will gradually receive updated signs.

According to Green, “extremely straight” transport lines are the greatest places to deploy directional signage.

However, as you pass Kennedy, you’re no longer traveling east to Scarborough Center; instead, you’re traveling north; thus, having an east designation doesn’t make any sense, as we can see with the Line 2 Extension (eastbound).

The TTC is revamping the way it directs commuters on subway lines
The TTC is revamping the way it directs commuters on subway lines. Image from The Globe and Mail

He added that the TTC’s streetcar system currently employs destination signs.

On Friday, passengers using the TTC subway system were interviewed by CTV News Toronto.

A man at Wellesley Station expressed the opinion that cardinal directions are not the best fit for the TTC’s route. “You must move all the way south and north again when you’re going north,” he remarked.

Another person brought out how the modifications can mislead visitors. “Vaughan means nothing to someone on the road.”

There is no estimated completion date at this time, according to the TTC.

Source: CTV News

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