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The western part of the country is under pressure as Russia Assembles a military force with Ukraine.

key Takeaways

1- The war situation will shoot up in the NATO Meeting, which will be held next week.

2- The Ukrainian soldier will March through a muddy channel near the city of Donetsk. In Eastern Ukraine, before stopping to punch a search through a barrier toward the Russia protester located about 250 meters away.

War is going about more than seven years in the country’s regions, holding thousands of lives and suspending communities’ frequent state of fear and uncertainty.

Soldiers at this stage of fear and uncertainty are almost ready to fight in any situation.The Ukrainian soldiers are so firm that they say they will stay here till the war goes on and will not leave.

This difference of opinion between Government forces and Russia’s Dissident commandos in the southeastern region of Donbas near the Ukraine-Russia Border has continued to break out despite multiple peace since it broke out seven years ago. U.S, Ukraine, and NATO countries have declared a conquering because it is moving military forces closer to its border to Ukraine.

The security situation in the region is expected to influence a meeting of NATO foreign ministers when they meet in Riga, Latvia’s capital, next week.

And in the most recent sign of worsening relations, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, claims Russia of plotting a success against him, which is not agreed by the kremlin.

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