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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Will Ontario reintroduce limits to combat the COVID-19 summer wave?

Will Ontario reinstate restrictions to tackle the summer COVID-19 outbreak?

Key Takeaways:

  • The top doctor in Ontario claims that there are no plans to bring back statewide mask requirements or other public health programs in the province.
  • Moore estimates that there are 119 ICU patients in the entire province. According to the Ministry of Health predictions, they will increase during the next two weeks.

According to Ontario’s top physician, the province has no plans to reinstate public health initiatives like mask mandates on a provincial level.

The chief medical officer of health, Dr. Kieran Moore, recently predicted that Ontario would reach the crest of its current wave within the next two weeks. He stated that the wave had a “slower course” and “less devastating” results.

At his first press conference after the province’s mask mandate was abandoned, Moore stated on Wednesday, “No, we’re not considering recommending any additional public health measures to the government.”

Moore did assert that he would take appropriate action if he saw COVID-19 endangering the province’s healthcare system and hindering its capacity to offer urgent treatment.

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“We would make recommendations if that is jeopardized,” he said.

Moore claimed that as of right now, Ontario is not in that situation.

“That is a fallback scenario. It’s not a contingency at this time, he added.

The top physician estimated that around 70% of Ontario’s intensive care unit (ICU) beds are now in use. According to Moore, that equals 119 ICU patients throughout the province. Projections from the Ministry of Health indicate that they will rise during the next two weeks.

Will Ontario reinstate restrictions to tackle the summer COVID-19 outbreak?
Will Ontario reinstate restrictions to tackle the summer COVID-19 outbreak? Image from The Star

Moore described what he has seen in terms of Ontarians using masks inside and on public transportation as “very cautious.”

Many people his age still wear masks, which he thought was great.

His comments come as the province this week extends eligibility for the fourth dosage of the COVID-19 vaccination to all persons over 18.

Source: CTV News

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