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Saturday, December 9, 2023

From an actor to becoming a sought-after car rental business owner, meet Ahmad Mansour

As an actor, Ahmad has worked with top directors and now as a car rental business owner, partners with business leaders to expand his business.

The world knows how business industries have been changing and evolving each passing day, thanks to the many new business minds and talents who have emerged since the past few years, especially youngsters. These individuals leave no stone unturned in their quest to become a prominent personality in the business industry and take it to greater levels of success. Ahmad Mansour stands as a great example of the new-age entrepreneur in the car rental business of the Middle East, who kept working consistently, developed more networks, learned new things and built his profitable venture in the form of “Luxury Supercar Rentals Dubai”.

There is no other feeling more satisfying and fulfilling in this world than the feeling of creating something of our own, something which we build from the ground up and help it reach the skies with our unending efforts. After a lot of research and also taking inspiration from concepts in Las Vegas, Ahmad Mansour decided to bring the same concepts to Dubai. This is how Luxury Supercar Rentals Dubai stands apart from its contemporaries in the industry.

Ahmad Mansour initially developed a passion for acting, has worked in the film industry of Germany and Australia, bagged many roles with his talent and a charming personality, and worked with top directors like Colin Fletcher and Tony Tisle. However, he also believed working towards his second passion for supercars developed his business after shifting to Dubai in 2018.

Apart from his talent as a young business personality, Ahmad Mansour developed a liking for acting from a young age. He believed he could be a great actor and as he grew up, he even became an Australian actor, radio and TV presenter, who appeared in Channel Nines UNDERBELLY The Golden Mile, as a debutant. One role led to another and Ahmad Mansour kept getting great roles in the film industry. He is a trained actor today who is looking for more exciting and interesting roles to play with his future film projects.

Ahmad Mansour has given equal attention to his car rental business also and everyday looks out for newer ways and concepts that can help him get on his top game in the industry. Looking at his successful career so far, one can know his potential as a creative and intelligent professional across fields. Know more about him through Instagram @ahmed.amwell

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