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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Spiralling Her Way To The Top Is An Astute And Driven Equestrian, Haya Mostafa

Having won many renowned competitions, Haya Mostafa excels in the niche category of show jumping.

The world has been swiftly moving towards great levels of developments. Latest advents, advancements, latest cutting-edge technologies and niche sectors are now taking humongous strides across the globe. With next gen professionals now taking center stage and showcasing their talent and mettle, it is inevitable to be in awe of them. When we talk about sports, it is one sector that is chased by many millions but not all of them cross the line and make it big in the long run, Talented and gifted professionals train day and night to master their art and represent their country/club at the biggest of stages to compete with the best. Soccer, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, and Cricket are some of the most famous sports played around the world, drawing millions of millions to stadiums and even watching on TV or any other online device. But among these sports, one niche sport has been horse riding which is not seeked by many and whose popularity is still increasing. Many passionate horse riders are now eying the sport to attain global recognition.

We came across one multi-faceted equestrian named Haya Mostafa from Egypt who has been taking the niche horse riding sport to great levels by her innate talent, skills, and expertise. Born on 1st August 1999, Haya was highly inclined towards the world of horse riding since a young age. She picked up the sport at the age of 4 years and started show jumping at the age of 12 years. She even won $4000 in her first ever show jumping competition. Learning the tips and tricks of horse riding from renowned and highly trained professionals like Captain Rasha Farouk and her husband, Captain Ahmed, Haya Mostafa became a master of the art and in no time was one of the most seek and sought-after equestrian in the country and also around the world. She mentions that all her hard work paid off when she insisted her family to go for horse riding until she got signed up with a trainer.

Up till now, Haya has participated in many local and international competitions gaining lot of recognition from people for her art and talent. She has participated in the Show Jumping Cup in Germany and finished 1st place 8 times in her home country. Having owned four amazing horses, one among which is named Campari, with whom she participated in most of the horse riding competitions and, after 17 years, retired him. Now, he is happily enjoying his farm life.

Haya wishes to start her own horse stable and also become a professional coach for many aspiring professionals in the niche sector who wish to take up the industry. She also confesses that her efforts are also towards attracting the attention of Nayel Nassar, a well-renowned Egyptian Olympic show jumper, and collaborating with top players like him in the field to eventually work towards creating more horse riding and show jumping opportunities for other budding talents in the field.

For more information, follow her on Instagram @haya.

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