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Saturday, December 9, 2023

A 5% increase in ODSP funding will be made available in September

A 5% increase in ODSP payments will be available in September.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) participants will start getting their 5% raises in September, according to the Progressive Conservative administration.
  • Last month, more than 200 advocacy groups signed an open letter requesting that the Ontario government increase ODSP payment rates.
  • The new ODSP payments, according to the administration, will start in September and be sent out at the end of each month.

According to the Progressive Conservative administration, recipients of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) will begin receiving their 5% increases in September.

Premier Doug Ford promised a 5% rise in monthly ODSP payments as part of his re-election campaign to stay up with his opponents, who all promised a dramatic increase in ODSP payments.

Since 2018, ODSP recipients have received $1,169 per month. A 5% rise would mean an additional $58 in their pockets.

“This is only one of the many ways our government is assisting individuals in need,” Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy told reporters after re-tabling the budget on Tuesday.

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The PCs have stated that they will enact an annual raise based on inflation, which has risen dramatically in recent years.

However, supporters argue that a 5% rise is insufficient.

Over 200 advocacy organizations signed an open letter last month urging the Ontario government to boost ODSP payment rates. They contended that a 5% rise connected to inflation would leave ODSP beneficiaries perpetually suffering.

“With continuous inflation and an increase in the cost of living, 5% is not nearly enough of a rate increase to live,” the Income Security Advocacy Centre noted in their letter.

A 5% increase in ODSP funding will be available in September.
A 5% increase in ODSP funding will be available in September. Image from CBC News

During a press conference, Bethlenfalvy was frequently asked by reporters if he could live on $1,200 per month. He dodged the issue, claiming that the administration followed its campaign promise.

“The query is, what can we do for the most vulnerable individuals in Ontario?” Instead, Bethlenfalvy stated. “This is a positive step forward.”

Meanwhile, the Progressive Conservatives have included several additional cost-cutting measures in their 2022 budget, such as abolishing license plate sticker renewal costs, lowering the gas tax, and giving money to parents.

According to the government, the new ODSP payments will begin in September and will be distributed at the end of each month.

Source: CTV News

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