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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Mississauga is requesting that all Ontario parties promise to reinstating the downtown LRT loop

Mississauga has asked Ontario political parties to pledge to rebuilding the downtown LRT loop.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Hurontario LRT in Mississauga, newly christened the Hazel McCallion Line, promises to be a symbol of modernity in the GTA community.
  • The Ontario Liberals and the Ontario NDP, two of the province’s four major parties, both pledged to restore the loophole in their policies.
  • The Hurontario LRT, with its downtown loop, was built to help with “long-term economic development” and climate goals, according to Crombie.

Mississauga’s Hurontario LRT, dubbed the Hazel McCallion Line recently, promises to symbolize modernity in the GTA community.

The province-funded route will go from the coast in Port Credit to Steeles Avenue in the north, stopping 19 times along the way. Trains are expected to be available to the general public in 2024.

Queen’s Park truncated the route in 2018 after Metrolinx, the provincial transportation agency, cut a three-stop loop around Mississauga’s downtown due to cost concerns.

Since that day, Mayor Bonnie Crombie has made rebuilding that section of track a top priority.

“I would argue the future of downtown is in peril without the loop – we won’t be able to fulfill the region’s full potential,” she told Global News.

Crombie urges Ontario’s political leaders to restore the Hazel McCallion Line to its original length ahead of the 2022 election.

“When the financing is delivered, it will not only assist us in meeting our climate change goals, but it will also hopefully assist us in getting people out of their automobiles and attracting more business to the downtown area, allowing us to create a complete, walkable city in the downtown,” she added.

Two of Ontario’s four major parties responded to the call in their platforms: the Ontario Liberals and the Ontario NDP, both committed to reinstating the loop.

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“We’ll create dozens of new transportation projects throughout the province – funding lines as well as stations that will enhance people ‘s lives and make it easier to use transit, such as extending the Hurontario LRT to downtown Brampton and also restoring the downtown loop as originally planned,” the Liberal platform asserts.

A similar guarantee is made in the NDP platform.

The PC’s commitment is similar, but it’s not written in stone.

At the line’s official renaming ceremony in February, then-premier Doug Ford vowed that the loop would be added: “sooner rather than later.”

“I’m sure my finance minister and president of the Treasury are blasting me through the screen right now for saying that, but it’s our mission to close the loop,” he remarked.

The promise was not repeated in the Ontario budget for 2022, which served as the party’s campaign platform. According to a spokeswoman, the PCs’ pledge was upheld.

“If re-elected, we’ll continue to work with our local and federal colleagues to push chances to improve the Hazel McCallion Line, including the Loop expansion,” a representative for the party stated, without elaborating.

The Ontario Green Party informed Global News that it was in favor of reopening the loophole.

According to Crombie, the Hurontario LRT, including its downtown loop, was built to assist “long-term economic development” and climate goals.

Source: Global news

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