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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Most of the GTA is now accepting applications for childcare for $10 per day

Applications for childcare at $10 per day are currently being accepted in most of GTA.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Greater Toronto Area’s authorized child care facilities can now participate in the $10 per day initiative, bringing parents much nearer to the refund cheques they were promised.
  • Licensed child care providers can decide on June 23 whether or not to apply, and they have until September 1.

The $10 per day initiative is now open to licensed child care centers in the Greater Toronto Area, putting parents one step closer to their promised refund checks.

In March, Ontario and the federal government agreed to a childcare rate of $10 per day, with a reduction in costs of up to 25% to a minimum of $12 per day, effective as of April 1.

The province announced that parents would begin getting rebate checks as early as May.

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However, up until last week, most daycare centers in the GTA could not register for the program. Officials claimed they needed to wait to construct an application process and speak with certified childcare providers.

The Canada-Wide Early Learning as well as Child Care Funding Program will now begin accepting applications, the City of Toronto announced on Wednesday.

Licensed child care providers have until September 1 to choose whether to participate in the application process, which begins on June 23.

The general manager of Toronto Children’s Services, Shanley McNamme, stated in a statement, “Developing policies and the opt-in process for licensed child care operators for the Canada-Wide Early Learning and also Child Care funding program has indeed been complicated tasks, but I am excited that we are at the point where we can begin the application process.

“I urge all legally permitted childcare providers to learn more about this money and consider how it would benefit the families they assist.”

Children under six, or those turning six as of June 30, shall receive services from licensed childcare providers.

Applications for childcare at $10 per day are currently being accepted in most of GTA.
Applications for childcare at $10 per day are currently being accepted in most of GTA. Image from iHeartRadio

The city’s website has further details on the program’s application process.

Parents of children enrolled in the daycare will get their rebate check once the facility has been given program approval.

This week saw the beginning of the application process in the areas of York and Peel. The only area in the GTA to begin taking applications earlier was Durham.

Only 11 communities in Ontario had accepted applications for the program before this week, and at least one expert claimed that this was because cities had to deal with a lack of information following the joint agreement.

By January 1, 2023, the $13.2 billion daycare program wants to see fees cut by 50%. In September 2024, fees will decrease once more before hitting $10 per day the following year.

Source: CTV news

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