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Friday, January 27, 2023

The Ontario Liberals and NDP make differing pledges about rent control

Rent control promises from the Ontario Liberals and NDP differ.

Key Takeaways:

  • Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca claims that Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford’s abolition of rent control on new units has further aggravated the affordability crisis.
  • The NDP has pledged to go further than the Liberals in banning landlords from raising rent between leases.
  • This proposal, according to the party, will remove the financial incentive for landlords to evict tenants in order to raise the rent.

Both the Liberals and the New Democrats in Ontario have pledged to reinstate rent control, but with significantly different approaches to the policy that they say would benefit both long-term renters and would-be homeowners.

After entering office in 2018, Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford repealed rent control on new units, which Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca says has only exacerbated the affordability situation.

“We’ve seen how the cost of literally everything has skyrocketed out of control over the last four years under the Ford Conservatives,” Del Duca said in Toronto on Friday. “The cost of food, the price of renting or buying a home, the expense of getting yourself around about this city and around cities as well as communities across Ontario.”

“Everything is heading in the wrong direction.”

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Del Duca’s party promises to restore rent control to the way it was before the 2018 election, when landlords might only raise the rent at a specified rate throughout a lease, typically between 0.5 and 3%.

Rent control is still in effect for apartments built before 2018 but not for those built after 2018.

Del Duca claims that the two-tiered structure has made housing more expensive and that prospectors have snatched up newly completed condo units to make quick cash.

He stated, “We are amidst the largest housing affordability crisis of my lifetime.” “And you know, you see dread, you hear real grief and misery when you speak to tenants when you talk to young ladies and men who want to purchase at some time.”

The NDP has committed to going further than the Liberals by prohibiting landlords from increasing rent between leases.

Rent control promises from the Ontario Liberals and NDP differ.
Rent control promises from the Ontario Liberals and NDP differ. Image from CP24

“Rent control will return — full rate control; none of this increases the rent on a vacant apartment,” stated NDP Leader Andrea Horwath.

“In terms of rental housing, that was the start of the downward spiral. And now, with the market so tight, things have only become worse.”

According to the party, this proposal will remove the financial motivation for landlords to evict residents to boost rent.

The Progressive Conservatives’ spokeswoman defended the decision to remove rent control on new units, claiming that it encouraged additional construction.

“We made adjustments to encourage the construction of additional rental homes, and it appears that our strategy is succeeding. 

Ontario had over 11,000 rental starts in 2020, a year after our government’s housing supply action plan was unveiled. Last year saw the biggest number of rental home starts in 30 years. “In an email, Gillian Sloggett stated.

Source: CTV news

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