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Friday, January 27, 2023

The top issue for Ontarians is still healthcare, but the cost of living is increasing

Healthcare remains the most pressing concern for Ontarians, but the cost of living is rising.

Key Takeaways:

  • While healthcare is still the most important issue for almost a quarter of all Ontario voters, inflation and rising living costs are quickly becoming a key voting issue.

According to a new poll, while healthcare remains the top issue for approximately a quarter of all Ontario voters, inflation and growing living costs are swiftly gaining ground as a major ballot box consideration.

In a survey commissioned by CTV News and CP24 and conducted over the weekend, Nanos Research asked 500 Canadians about their most significant concern ahead of the June 2 election (May 7-8).

It indicated that 26.4 percent of respondents still consider healthcare their most pressing concern, nearly unchanged from a study conducted just before the campaign began last week.

Meanwhile, the rising cost of living witnessed a significant week-over-week increase, with 17.8% of respondents citing it as their most critical issue, up from 11.9 percent in the May 2 survey.

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Consumer prices were up 6.7 percent year over year in March, and the candidates spent the first week of the campaign making a series of statements to alleviate financial concerns.

Housing (11%), the economy (9.7%), the environment (8.4%), and education are among the other top issues mentioned by respondents in the latest Nanos survey (4.7 percent).

Horwath is considered a better fit for healthcare than Ford regarding employment creation.

Nanos Research also asked respondents which party leaders they have the most faith in to address various difficulties.

When it comes to creating employment (34%) and controlling government expenditure (27%), most respondents said they trusted Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford the most. At the same time, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was more able to handle the healthcare issue (29 percent). Horwath received more support from younger Ontarians, ages 18 to 24 (34.1%), and less support from older Ontarians, ages 55 and above (29.3%).

In terms of growing housing costs, no candidate performed exceptionally well.

A majority of respondents (28%) stated they have no faith in any of the six-party leaders to help with growing housing costs. Around 19% of respondents indicated Horwath was the person they trusted the most, followed by Ford (18%) and Del Duca (14%).

The pessimism was strongest among the province’s youth, with more than a third of those aged 18 to 34 saying they have no faith in any of the leaders when it comes to finding answers to the housing situation.

The most recent findings are part of a more extensive Nanos study. The first leg of the poll, issued on Monday, showed Ford’s PC party leading Del Duca’s Liberal party by five points among decided voters. Horwath and also the NDP were in third place, 13 points behind.

The survey is judged accurate 19 times out of 20 times to within 4.4 percentage points.

Source: CTV news

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