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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Ahmed Mukhtar: The Extraordinary Story of Fighting Against All Odds to Rise to The Top

In the pressure of adhering to the conventional norms of society, many people do not think rationally and end up choosing unsuitable life partners, careers, and lifestyles. The major decisions that design our life should be taken with the utmost patience and care, considering our interests and future goals. The entire decision-making process is worth giving a considerable amount of time and energy because these decisions shape our life and future consequences depend upon them. A real-life story that will make people believe in the above-mentioned lines and will highly inspire them is the story of Mr. Ahmed Mukhtar.

Ahmed Mukhtar’s work- profile

Ahmed is the president and co-founder of a well-known network marketing company by the name of NeXarise. The company is a home-based business opportunity for individuals who are in search of a good employment opportunity and want to start their business. The company sought to provide a vehicle for people to become entrepreneurs who are in business for themselves, but never by themselves. The company sells essential services to customers in 25+ countries globally. The company’s prime vision is to become the Amazon of Network marketing.

 Working of NeXarise

Mukhtar and his team teach people how to be entrepreneurs by working for themselves within the company. The company provides people an online website where they market essential services and earn monthly income. The person can also build a network of people that do the same business so that the network building person can make money through the network on a commission basis along with the income that he/she earns from the customers.

Ahmed’s phase of the struggle

Ahmed rewinds his early life and tells that he was born in a very average family in Mogadishu, Somalia. His father was a bus driver. He had always seen his family facing several obstacles, mostly financial, and so these circumstances became a source of inspiration for him to perform well in the future and improve the lifestyle of his family. He had no entrepreneurial background and that is why, all of the success that he has achieved today, is because of his patience, right decision-making, hard work, and devotion toward his work. He started his career at the age of 24, which is considered late in our society. His parents and friend also doubted him and his plans, but he proved everyone wrong.

Mukhtar’s suggestion for the passionate youth

Mukhtar suggests that people should find something they love and that helps in their growth and development. He also advises the youth to find an area of interest that they can advance in and a work profile that can give them financial freedom. Lastly, he reminds people to work on themselves, give 100 percent towards their work, and to never quit, no matter how difficult the journey gets.

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