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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Boston Seaport to Witness the Launch of Boston Dental’s Latest Branch in 2021

Boston Dental, a leading dental clinic on the East Coast announced the upcoming 2021 launch of a new location in the Boston Seaport shopping center. While many businesses have had to downsize during 2020, the Boston Dental team feels confident in its future. According to director Dr. Maged el-Malecki, this new location will be an opportunity to spread advanced dental technology throughout Boston.

Boston Dental is best known for its role as the official dentist of the Boston Red Socks. But the clinic has a reputation for more than just perfecting celebrity smiles. Dr. Malecki has made advanced AI a core focus of his practice. While he has always felt strongly that AI would become a huge boon to the dental industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has proven it to be the case. “People are now being encouraged to socially distance,” said Dr. Malecki. “So we were required to find ways of treating teeth that allowed our patients and our staff to remain safe.”

For example, Dr. Malecki has implemented virtual consultation for new or returning patients. It limits the flow of people through his office. But Dr. Malecki says he is even more proud of his UV disinfection robot. “We use UV light to disinfect the room after use,” said Dr. Malecki. “We feel that advanced technology like this is what dentists must use to keep patients safe moving forward.”

As a practice, Dr. Malecki says that they have always focused on implementing state-of-the-art technology. They use the DIAGNOdent Laser to detect signs of tooth decay as early as possible. “Technology allows us to focus on preventative care instead of reactive medicine,” said Dr. Malecki. “Ultimately, we want to stop cavities and other problems in their tracks before they become big issues.”

The upcoming Seaport location will be the fourth office managed by Dr. Malecki. The other Boston locations are in Downtown Crossing and Government Center. A third office is located in Dubai. “Shared knowledge across two countries makes us a better practice,” said Dr. Malecki. “And I’m excited to bring that into the Boston Seaport area starting next spring.”

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