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Saturday, September 23, 2023

In conversation with real estate mogul Justin Havre

From a teen to real estate supreme, Justin Havre is making waves as he leads his RE/MAX team in Canada to unprecedented heights of success in the real estate scenario. Here’s his story. 

Little feet, Big dreams

Havre set foot onto Canadian soil from Norway when he was just a teen, but as an enthusiastic one with a big vision. That’s what made all the difference – even to the extent of offsetting Havre’s setbacks of not being fluent in English. This adolescent grew up to build and lead a 

multi-million real estate company in Calgary, Canada, which is also one of the largest and most successful in the world.

Havre leads the #1 RE/MAX team of real estate experts in Canada. In 2018, he elevated to the ninth rank globally- that too, during one of the most challenging times. This business leader has not only managed to establish a hugely successful real estate firm but has also been disrupting the real estate market since 2010, when he established Justin Havre & Associates in January that year. 

After getting into the business, Havre was shrewd enough to realize that he will need lots of leads that would turn into clients to survive and succeed in the real estate arena. This made him invest at least 25% of his earnings back into online assets, domain names, websites, Search Engine Optimization, and people to help him convert the leads. Havre’s breakthrough came in January 2013 when he and his team of five agents grew to 28 agents within a single month, all while generating 4200 organic leads in the same month.

The fruits of a strong foundation

Havre believes that to be successful in the real estate business, one needs to have a solid foundation – integrity in character. He likens it to how great buildings have firm foundations. He says, “We are honest with our buyers and sellers and assist them from start to finish with their real estate needs.” Havre affirms that this is what has helped him generate multiple seven-figure sales commissions every year.

With the pandemic now, Havre utilizes technologies like 3D scans of the interior of houses to enable buyers to view properties from the comfort and safety of their residences and home sellers to sell their properties without any disruption. They have also leveraged video as a way of featuring properties in their marketing and also as a communication tool with clients and agents. Video has allowed them to connect with their clients and they have even sold properties to clients and done  entire transactions without the client stepping foot in the home. 

Given his experience and proven track record in real estate, Havre’s advice is well worth considering.

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