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Friday, January 27, 2023

Mat Moxness Shares His Biggest Failures in Real Estate to Prevent Newbies From Making the Same Mistakes

Mat Moxness is a Canadian entrepreneur and the founder of Crescendo Equity, a real estate investment company that has acquired properties in numerous markets across Ontario. Mat’s company does business with all types of real estate properties, but they focus on underperforming apartments and buildings in the multi-family segment the most. In addition to running Crescendo Equity, Mat Mox is also a member of Forbes Councils.

Currently, Mat’s portfolio reflects an eight-figure value and an acquisition pipeline over 300 units. Before he became the CEO of a successful company, Mat was struggling with getting his business off the ground. When asked about his biggest failures, Mat says he regrets not getting proper advice regarding structure and finance early in his career.

The beauty of the real estate industry is that anyone can start a career, even if they have no previous experience or education in the field. However, Mat strongly suggests all aspiring real estate entrepreneurs invest in their knowledge and education. There are many real estate programs that teach newbies the most effective ways to create a foundation to manage and grow the business.

Real estate training courses provide the essential foundation needed for coming up with a financial goal and a detailed strategic plan outlining what it will take to achieve that goal. In order to create that plan, the real estate investor must be familiar with the market, the average sales price of the homes in the market, and how many transactions it will take to achieve the goal. Had Mat sought advice from professionals at the start of his career, maybe he would have scaled his business even faster.

Mat also advises all aspiring entrepreneurs to never stop learning. Being knowledgeable is the key to presenting oneself as a professional in the real estate world, and constant education ensures that a real estate investor is equipped with the skills that will allow them to find the best properties for their clients. After all, customer satisfaction is the key to business growth and success.

Mat also says that what used to set him back was not having proper team members to rely on. It is essential to work with people who can do the work they need to do. When surrounded by reliable people, a CEO can focus on developing the business and finding new opportunities. There are numerous other reasons why having a good team is essential for success, too.

Now, Mat Mox is surrounded by people who ensure that deadlines are met and that all work is completed to high-quality standards. In case one team member falls behind, there’s another to pick up the pieces. In addition, team members can bring valuable new ideas to the table. After all, businesses need fresh ideas to succeed in the competitive industry and a diverse team of people will undoubtedly come up with excellent ideas that will help a business thrive.

For more valuable information and tips on real estate investing, make sure to visit the Crescendo Equity blog.

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