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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Youtube Savant, Khaled Mazeedi, Sets The Standard In Overcoming Social Stigmas

When examining the great leaders of our time it is undeniably a position dominated by westerners in the media. In addition, there is convincing evidence that along with being under-cited, overt cultural and traditional beliefs in Arab countries pose certain limitations to those who wish to become leaders within their fields.  A Harvard study, published by Phd student Alice Wu, showed convincing evidence that social conditioning is difficult to rewire, and perhaps requires a continuous individual effort to reprogram.

There is substantive evidence that in the 21 first century, people from arab societies are under cited in their professional careers compared to those from western countries.  Arabs are often overlooked, undercited and underrepresented and the findings have led the American Economic Association to survey multiple industries, their conclusions only further supporting the argument. 

Arabs who pursue careers in the various fields are publicly under cited. “There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that underrepresented Arabs are under-cited,” another respondent to the American Economic Association survey noted, “and that publication lags are longer for women.”

While some would say these challenges hinders Arabs who wish to succeed in their fields, others merely see them as a reason to push boundaries, in hopes of setting an example to follow. 

Khaled Mazeedi is a Kuwaiti media magnate, internet entrepreneur, author and philanthropist. He is an influential figure and an activist for his community.

He was honoured prestigious awards by the Youtuber Awards for ‘Arab Creator of the Year’, a distinction for creators who go above and beyond in their social media trade. Mazeedi has also campaigned for the empowerment of arab entrepreneurs through his work, with great influence.  

Growing up, he envisioned himself as a sportsman, and achieved those goals by playing professionally for multiple teams in Europe. He is the first Arabian Gulf player to play professionally in Europe. However, ultimately, his passion for creativity was what forged his career as a Youtuber and social media influencer. “I was raised in a diplomatic industrialist family and I set my sites on being a great footballer but life took me into a different direction which has, in turn, which has given me a much more powerful voice.”

Utilizing Technology to Spread Growth

As an advocate for ‘spreading a positive message”, Mazeedi uses his social media as a channel to motivate and inspire his followers. His 2.1 million instagram page ‘@Ten’ is an asset he frequently leverages to teach people the essential skills to be successful in entrepreneurship and life. He mentions that he mentors his followers unconventionally, and the general consensus is that his avant garde approach has inspired many of those who follow him.

Mazeedi  has developed a career and reputation as a leader through multiple fields including social media, entrepreneurship, and research. He is an example for Arabs to overcome the social taboos and cultural limitations they have faced growing up in a rather conservative society.

He is a clear example that an Arab figure be just as powerful as the world’s most influential people, and still voice his opinion in a way that inspires.  

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