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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Tiger Woods says he’ll return to golf part-time after recovering from a car accident

Key takeaways:

  • Tiger Woods has stated that he intends to play golf again, but he does not expect to return to the top of the sport.
  • Woods has already accomplished one incredible comeback, winning the Masters in 2019 after undergoing his fourth lower back fusion surgery.

Tiger Woods states he expects to play golf again, just not as frequently, and that he doesn’t envision himself returning to the top of the sport because “that’s not a realistic expectation of me.”

He thinks he can see himself participating in specific competitions but not on a full-time basis.

His lengthy video interview with Golf Digest, with whom he has a business tie, was published Monday ahead of his first press appearance since his right leg was gravely injured in a car accident in the Los Angeles suburbs on Feb. 23.

Tiger Woods is hosting the Hero World Challenge.

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When Woods tweeted a three-second video of himself hitting a short iron with the phrase “Making progress,” it fuelled hopes of another comeback.

He didn’t give the impression that a return was imminent.

“I have a long way to go,” he admitted. “I’m not even halfway there.” In my leg, I still have a lot of muscle development and nerve development to do. I’ve had five back operations at the same time, as you know. As a result, I have to deal with it. As the leg strengthens, the back may become more active.”

At the start of the year, Woods was recovering from another back treatment when he raced his SUV over a median, and it fell down a steep slope on a winding, sweeping road in theZozo Championship suburbs on his way to a television shoot at a golf club.

Doctors claimed he shattered many tibia and fibula bones in his right leg. A rod in the tibia was used to keep them in place. Additional ankle and foot injuries were stabilized with a mix of screws and pins.

He last competed with his son, Charlie, in the PNC Championship and then had a fifth-back procedure that held him out for the first half of the year before the accident.

Tiger Woods says part-time return to golf after recovering from car  crash

Woods has already accomplished one incredible comeback, winning the Masters in 2019 after undergoing his fourth lower back fusion surgery. Later that year, Tiger woods won the Zozo Championship in Japan for his 82nd PGA Tour victory, tying Sam Snead for the record.

“To have a nice life, I don’t have to compete and play against the best players in the world.” I had to climb Mt. Everest again after my back fusion. I had no choice but to do it, and I did. I don’t think I’ll be able to climb Mt. Everest this time, and that’s fine with me. Golf is still a sport in which I can engage. I can still click off an event here and there if my leg gets better.

“However, I don’t believe that climbing the mountain again and reaching the summit is a realistic ambition of mine.”

In March, Woods will be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. The Masters will take place during the first full week of April. Woods didn’t have a timeline for his rehabilitation; all he said was that he wished it was going faster.

After his near-fatal vehicle accident, he said he could see himself in a career similar to Ben Hogans. Hogan had a limited schedule, but he still dominated the majors, winning all three that he competed in 1953.

“I believe that playing the tour one day — never full-time again — but picking and choosing, as Mr. Hogan did, is a realistic option. “You choose a few events a year and play around with them,” he explained.

He remarked, “I suppose that’s how I’ll have to play it from now on.” “It’s a sad reality, but it’s also my reality.” And I’m aware of it, and I’m willing to accept it.”

Source: Global News

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