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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

In the midst of crisis, Afghanistan’s prime minister supports the Taliban’s rule

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Key takeaways:

  • Afghanistan’s Taliban Prime Minister defended the group’s power in a public speech on Saturday.
  • Women are not fully prohibited from public life during the Taliban’s prior regime in the late 1990s.

In a public address on Saturday, Afghanistan’s Taliban prime minister defended the group’s authority, claiming it was not to blame for the country’s deteriorating economic crisis. 

It is working to clean up the former government’s corruption. He also brushed off international efforts to build a more inclusive Cabinet.

The half-hour tape, broadcast on state-run media, was Mohammed Hassan Akhund’s first public speech since the Taliban seized Kabul and declared control of the country three months ago.

The Taliban’s takeover resulted in the suspension of international aid to the government and the freezing of billions of dollars in Afghan assets held overseas, further destabilizing the country’s already fragile economy.

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The problems of rising unemployment and financial catastrophe, according to Akhund, began under the previous US-backed government, and Afghans should not trust assertions that the Taliban is to blame.

“Be on your guard, nation. Those who remained in hiding from the previous government are… instilling fear in public, driving them to distrust their government, “he stated

He said that the outgoing government had ran “the world’s weakest system,” citing widespread corruption. The Taliban, on the other hand, he claims, is fighting corruption and bringing security to the country.

“We are attempting to fix as many of the people’s problems as possible. Every department is working extra hours. “Akhund went on to say that the group had formed committees to try to tackle the economic issue and pay salaries to government workers who had gone months without pay.

Officials from the United Nations have warned of a humanitarian crisis as millions of Afghans fall deeper into poverty and face famine, with an increasing number on the verge of starvation.

Afghan prime minister defends Taliban's rule amid crisis

Afghanistan is experiencing one of its worst famines in decades, with many people unable to purchase food due to its economic collapse.

The hunger, which Akhund described as “a test from God after humanity revolted against Him,” urged people to pray for a stop to it.

The US and other countries have refused to recognize the Taliban government until it incorporates many ethnic and political groups, including women, and guarantees women’s rights.

All of the present Cabinet’s ministers are members of the Taliban. Women are not fully prohibited from public life during the Taliban’s prior regime in the late 1990s.

They have, however, ordered that most female government employees not report to work, and they have refused to allow high school girls to return to school while they have allowed younger girls to do so.

The demands were denied by Akhund, who stated that the government includes representatives from around the country.

He claimed that the Taliban’s government, the Islamic Emirate, “had saved women’s dignity.”

Source: CTV News

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